Monday, April 8, 2013

India and Open-Source Software

Why India should use Open-Source Software:


1. Get software peer-reviewed by the world's largest software community.

2. Improve national security.

3. Reduce national spending.

4. Reduce foreign debt.

5. Build a stronger educational foundation, especially in Computer Science.

6. Join a common ecosystem of co-prosperity with China.


1. Initial cost to make the transition.

How should India use Open-Source Software?

1. Create a national Operating System distribution derived from Ubuntu Linux.

2. Mandate the use of the national distribution for all branches of government, and in public education.

3. Teach only non-proprietary programming languages in the Computer Science curriculum.

What may happen if India uses Open-Source Software?

1. Online support services will be built up in several local languages, to answer frequently asked questions about Open-Source software. Efforts like this are best left up to free enterprise.

2. Indian Computer Science students will gain deeper insights and a competitive advantage.