Friday, April 5, 2013

Open Source or Free Software?

I would like to develop software and share it freely. You can use my code, whether you are like me or not.
Gifting things is something that can be enforced with contracts, but is IMHO, best left up to individuals to decide.
Believe what you want. Use what you want.
To me, that's Freedom.

In my opinion, the pragmatic goals implied by the term "Open Source" are enough, without the insistence that your changes be turned over.
It's downright uncivilized to put conditions on who may eat a slice of your potluck pie, if you ask me!

There are perfectly valid reasons for closed-source software too.
For example, you may want to encode a trade secret which is your value proposition.
If you don't need peer review, don't release your source.
However, you may find that as consumers become more aware, they will insist on Open Source software.

There will always be niches of closed-source software.
There's more than one way to do it!

RMS: I am using GNU Emacs to write this. I love Emacs! Thanks for everything!