Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Why AWS is stupid

Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), which ironically offers elegant efficiency, is so Baroque as to defy comprehension. Google "AWS big picture" and look at the images you get.

Today, I was contacted by an Amazon recruiter looking for someone who got the "big picture". However, my request to "work remotely" was declined.

My response:

"I am surprised to hear that -- Mr. Bezos seems like an inspiring and open minded person, who would like to empower his employees to add the most value they can, in the best way they can ( not in the way he thinks people ought to ).

I was rather eager to speak with Amazon's AWS engineers, and discuss a "big picture" radical resimplification of the offering. Specifically, why are there so many different best practices supported by AWS? Even Googling for "AWS big picture" doesn't produce something that will fit inside the mind of a single average engineer.

Are there really so many different, irreducibly complex ways to do things people are ultimately trying to achieve? Are there really these many things to achieve in the first place?

While I celebrate Mr. Bezo's vision in generalizing from a bookstore to an Everything store, scaling up is easier than producing scaled down work of quality. This is where I can bring value, if you will let me work remotely."

I have spent over $500 of my own money using AWS. Amazon's back-end ( AWS ) is laughably suboptimal. As for Amazon's front-end, it looks like Bezos barfed some rich text into an editor. Amazon is yesterday's success story and AWS is for rich suckers who like to feel smart because they are doing something complex.

Yes, there is a better way, but Mr. Bezos is probably too busy counting his old world money to care about hiring remote workers.

The author is an enthusiastic technologist, available for remote contract work.