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Bitcoin's Potential for Social Change

Perhaps Professor Krugman is too hasty in calling bitbugs "antisocial".  Bitcoin encourages secessionist tendencies, yet holds great potential for social change.  What if the World Peace movement collectively transitioned to bitcoin?  It would be possible for the people to negotiate peace with their warmongering governments. Perhaps we will see the emergence of a self-contained, underground economy that chooses its own values.  The bitcoin economy would perhaps do away with the real/perceived hypocrisy of political discourse. Will this bitcoin-enabled New World Order be egalitarian? I don't think so.  Early adopters, such as the Winklevoss twins, already have a significant advantage in the bitcoin universe.  Question is, can we trust our new cyberpunk overlords? Character is what one does, when nobody is looking. Bitcoin models reality much closer to human nature.  Will the human civilization annihilate itself? Will we survive and thrive? We'll just have to