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Killing without Question

Injected some humor and criticism into a piece I encountered on Indian WhatsApp today. The piece, and my own commentary are shown in different fonts. Please enjoy!   COL.A.N.ROY. I firmly believe terrorists are born to be killed & they do not deserve any rights, forget human rights. <HUMOR> I, Colonel A. N. Roy, of the Indian Army, am a human being. When I say someone else is not a human being, then it means that they are not a human being. You see, I was indoctrinated by a military system, where we don't like uncertainty at all. There are no questions, only orders. The beauty of military life. You see, they don't have a heart, or a brain, like you. They don't walk on Mother Earth, breathing air through their lungs. They were not born soft and small out of their mother's wombs, like you. They never had tiny, tender fingers, as babies. They are not human at all! They are not innocent. I am innocent. They are bad. I am good. It would serve our national interest