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Occidental Empire: The Accidental Catalyst of Indian Democracy

Shashi Tharoor's essay, " 'But what about the railways ...?' The myth of Britain's gifts to India " , would be more appropriately titled -- "Boo to the Villains of the Past." Although a vociferous critic of imperialism, I found Dr. Tharoor's article vacuous and regressive. Here, I shall critique this article, and present the following cases: 1. Even though India's historical association with the British empire brought many lasting benefits, crediting the British is absurd. 2. Even though the British rule of India was a terrible period in history, blaming the British is a waste of time today. 3. There are concrete policy reforms India can undertake today, to undo some damage inherited from the British empire, and set the country on a more progressive course. 4. The way forward is to co-opt and transform empire from within. "Embrace and Extend" was Microsoft's strategy, and it should be ours. To begin, let us ask -- Did