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Air India in a Downward Spiral

"How can anyone make firm travel plans with Air India when even confirmed tickets are being routinely rebooked?"   Air India, now owned by Tata, is spiraling out of control with extreme mismanagement and a horrible customer experience. Here are some recent firsthand experiences of Air India's appalling customer service: 1. I had a confirmed ticket on a flight from San Francisco to Bhopal for March 18th, 2023. On February 17th, 2023, Air India arbitrarily rebooked my flights on a completely different route and schedule. Even though my initial itinerary was carefully chosen at a paid premium, for a short travel duration, the new itinerary had a 15-hour layover in Delhi. I did not complain about this severe discomfort and delay, as these things sometimes happen. 2. On March 20th, 2023, I boarded the connecting flight ( AI435 ) from Delhi to Bhopal. When the passengers were waiting to take off, the Captain announced that there were 2 passengers who were just clearing securit

Mister 420 (A Short Story)

I am a rabbit of a programmer. I deliver code fast and then take it easy while I test, tweak, and polish it. Oh, and I help the other programmers, usually tortoises, integrate with my spiffy, already working code. I am actually not that good of a programmer. My secret is that I smoke weed, travel to the future, and sneak a peek at the final code, before I've written it. This helps me write the code better. Lately it appears to me that I would be better off using my inter-dimensional travel skills to score enough game points ( crypto or fiat currencies ) to attain Nirvana and free myself from the Matrix. Or maybe that's a money trap. Hmmm. Anyway, I decided to run a scam to score some game currency. It's almost the oldest scam in the book. It works like this — you pick 1024 wealthy people as potential marks. You send half the marks ( 512 people ) the message: "Bitcoin will go UP tomorrow." And you send the remaining half ( 512 people ), the message: "Bitcoin w