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Shinichi Mochizuki has left the Universe

Japanese Mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki calls himself an "Inter-universal Geometer". Let's parse that! 1. "Inter-universal" implies that there are at least 2 universes. 2. "Geo" -- Earth. 3. "meter" -- to measure. Mochizuki is apparently measuring Earths in multiple universes. How is this possible? Mathematical frameworks exist which allow for the existence of alternate universes. One interpretation of Quantum Physics says that everything that can happen in a quantum probability cloud, does happen. The Universe forks in the same probabilistic proportion as the probability cloud, and observers in different universes each observe different discrete outcomes of the same quantum event. Do these alternate universes actually exist or are they just mental constructs? How would you empirically detect another universe? The whole proposition seems to be riddled with paradox! Let's suppose you could construct an experiment to detect other possibl