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RFC: End spam and get paid for your attention!

Proposal for a spam-free email protocol  backed by microtransactions. Attention is the most important currency. What if you could be paid for your attention? Also, what if spam, a big attention waster, could be eliminated completely? Sounds too good? Read on! When you send someone an email, you can optionally attach a "reading fee" to it. If the recipient chooses to, they can claim that money, via a smart contract. Also, if the recipient chooses to, they can "blacklist" the sender. Messages from blacklisted senders are automatically blocked ( or shown, if you set your inbox fee threshold to zero). If you send a friend an email, they can "whitelist" you. Messages from whitelisted senders are automatically allowed, and shown with a special tag. Messages are sent over a P2P network. All messages are encrypted end-to-end. There are no centralized email servers. Now, anyone can make money by opening "spam" messages. Please share your thoughts on this