ERB: Machine v/s Human in a Go match!


In a garden where cherry blossoms sway,
Two feline masters began to play.


With whiskers twitched and tails held high,
Each move on the board made cherry blossoms fly.

Grey fur and tortoise, side by side,
In this game of go, there's no place to hide.


Paws placed stones with a graceful dance,
In this epic match, who'd take a chance?

The koi in the pond gave a curious glance,
At the intense game and the cats' trance.


For in this serene and peaceful scene,
Two cats played go, like it's never been seen!



Suddenly a sound! A window shattered!
The cats leaped up, and the stones were scattered.

The silly Go board now hardly mattered.
The shoji was torn. The floorboards clattered.

As the koi in the pond scurried in fright,
with a "MEAOW!", a black cat entered in sight.

"Hi, I'm Jack!", he said, with a grin,
with leaves of catnip adorning his chin.

"Don't you worry!", he purred daintily, with flair.
"I've brought a treat, for us to share."

He pulled out a baggie, and he did declare,
as he held it up, "You put your weed in there!"

"Let's get high. Forget our cares.
Forget this game, of Black & White."

"Crank up the dub with all its might!
Why are you cats always so serious!"

"It's just me, but that is simply hilarious.
Sniff the herb. Let's get delirious!"

But as Jack moved closer, the cats retreated.
Their hackles were up, and the atmosphere heated.


"Why so rude?", Jack said, confused.
A cat spoke up, to give him a clue:


"Cut out that scary banter." 
"You may be a cat, Jack. 
But you're also a Black Panther!"

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