Parasites ( A poem )

 The robber baron hoarded all the food,

while the peasants lived hand-to-mouth.

They had finally had enough and gathered in a mob

And stormed the robber baron’s mansion 

Surrounding him with torches and pitchforks 

They demanded that everyone in the village be fed.

The robber baron was a cunning man.

He addressed the crowd,

 “Oh, this wealth?

It’s all for you!

You see, I am planning to leave 90% of it to you,

After I die.”

This drew gasps from the crowd.

They backed away.

“He’s such a generous man!”

They exclaimed in delight.

The robber baron continued,

“And, and these mosquitoes…

…they can kill people.

That’s why I will work to eradicate malaria.”

The crowd wowed,

“He’s a dedicated philanthropist!

Spending his own money to save our lives.”

The crowd apologized to the robber baron,

Thanked him for his generosity,

And was about to turn back.

Suddenly a boy spoke up.

He was not from this village.

“Malaria doesn’t kill.

I have had malaria several times!

It’s a harmless disease that is easily treated.

With proper food, medicine, and rest,

Malaria takes its course and then goes away.

Malaria doesn’t kill.

Poverty does.

The rich don’t die of malaria, only the poor.

So think again about who the real parasites are.”

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