Tribal Evolution ( A Poem )

Once upon a time,
there was a tribe that lived in a village,
deep in the rainforest.

According to the tribal tradition,
when a woman became pregnant,
she was thrown out of the village.

She would have to fend for herself in the jungle,
give birth, and raise her baby.

If she, and optionally her child, survived,
they would be welcomed back into the village,
exactly a year after being expelled.

This tradition served the tribe well,
as it had survival value.

One such girl had a fiery temper.

As she was being kicked out of the village,
she swore an oath.

She would give birth,
raise her baby,
and never return to the village.

She would find other pregnant women
who were cast out,
and help them.

Over time, a new tribe formed,
with kinder, gentler values.

However, none of them had forgotten
what was done to them.

One night, when the older tribe was asleep,
the new tribe
( they called themselves the "punks" )
attacked them,
slit their throats in their sleep,
and burned down their village.

The world was a much nicer place after that,
and they all lived happily ever after.

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