Why Tommy Hates Celebrations



Tommy is a German Shepherd, raised to be an Army dog. Tommy was sent to war with his human handler. After he returned from war, Tommy was suddenly declared a hero and thrust into the limelight.

A big celebration was held for Tommy. There was a parade with roaring crowds. There was a champagne ceremony on a stage. Tommy was a peace loving dog, and didn't like all this noise. Then, there were fireworks. This set off Tommy's PTSD, triggering memories of the explosions he had seen on the battlefield. Tommy went berserk, whimpering, trying to hide his head. He could not understand why all these people were being so mean to him. Someone bent down to put a medal around Tommy's neck, and Tommy tore into the man's hand. There was shock! Here is a mad dog, not a hero at all!

Then suddenly, a tall figure rose from the crowd and walked to the stage with a slight limp. Tommy recognized his handler, John Rambo, and leaped into his arms. Rambo held Tommy close, covered his ears, and comforted him.

Medics rushed to the stage, to provide first-aid to the General whose bloody hand Tommy had just mutilated. Police arrived to try to muzzle Tommy and take him away to be exterminated. This was not a nice dog at all, a terror to civilized society.

Before they could touch Tommy, Rambo pulled out the large serrated knife that he had carried in the battlefield. He held the knife visibly in his muscular fist, and calmly stared into the eyes of the policemen. The police backed off right away. They weren't paid to handle this kind of problem.

Rambo led Tommy away from the jeering crowds and into the cab of his muddy old pick-up truck. As he drove off, Rambo yelled at the crowd, "Find yourself some other excuse to get drunk, you sickos! Leave my animal out of it!"

Rambo took Tommy to his lakeside cabin in the woods. He led Tommy to the lake, and watched him rush into the water, splashing playfully, happy as a puppy. Rambo lit a campfire, and dried off Tommy. Then he gave Tommy a large bone to chew on, and gently petted his soft fur. That's all Tommy ever wanted. Tommy and Rambo sat quietly under the starry skies, delighting in their warm, intimate friendship, away from the insanity of war, and far from the madding crowd.

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